Corporate Nutrition Plan

For Healthier Workplaces

Corporates are provided with state- of- the- art facilities, but imbalanced or poor nutrition and eating habits can be very costly to companies. With an increase in risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, raising health insurance claims and absenteeism, etc. are obstructing employee productivity. Nutrition plays a key role in helping positive outcomes for employers by way of improved productivity, combat work stress, fewer sick days and happier staff.

At QUA Nutrition we structure Nutrition Plans based on scientific researches. With an understanding of the blood parameters and the body assessment of each employee, we can assess what could be going wrong. It is proven that introduction of corporate nutrition and wellness programs work. We not only do one-on-one counselling, but we also offer Corporate Nutrition Interactive Lunch & Learn sessions:

  1. About nutrition
  2. How to combat work stress and boost immunity
  3. Staying healthy on the road
  4. Nutrition to help boost focus and attention
  5. What to eat when still at work
  6. Importance of eating every 2 hours,
  7. How to choose the food to help boost immunity, concentration and at the same time maintain health
  8. Disease Management and their prevention programs
  9. Interactive tours to supermarkets
  10. How to fit healthy eating into a busy schedule

QUA Nutrition has a first hand knowledge on the recent researches worldwide. To help your company better, we can provide written resources and contributions to employee communications

  • Newsletter articles
  • Healthy recipes
  • Website and social media contributions
  • Menu analysis and advice

If you have a product that you would like to share with us, you could drop a mail at with the details and specifications of your product.

QUA Nutrition is associated with the top brands since it’s inception. It is associated with the top sellers in the food and supplements industry, educational academies, sports academies, top coaches of India, media agencies in terms of providing them a state of the art knowledge on the recent researches and documents.


Amit Darole

I appreciate their knowledge n scientific approach towards nutrition which would eventually help us improve our fitness n lifestyle...Also the seminar conducted by Namrata Gulati from Quanutrition at my fitness center was really helpful n answered most of our doubts.

Mabel Fernandes

The Goa Qua Nutrition team gave an insight into the many nutrition needs of the woman , all of which if practiced improves the quality of a woman’s living... enjoyed listening to the quality talk at the woman’s health seminar today ... thank you Qua!