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Diksha Bhantia

DESIGNATION : Chief Nutritionist
Experience : 5 years
Qualification : M.sc in food and Nutrition

Diksha is a qualified Nutritionist with an academic background in Food & Nutrition; bachelors from JD Birla, Kolkata; and Masters in same from ICG College (IIS University), Jaipur. Her research project titled 'Development and Sensory Evaluation of Food products for Chronic Kidney disease patients' and her immense experience in working on nutrition care for kidney diseases makes her a specialized dietician in this space, in addition to domains like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and other prevalent domains. Her first hand experience and internships with premium hospitals and health chains like Fortis, AMRI & Maharaja Agrasen, has given her wide exposure on clinical cases and a holistic knowledge on the medical field. Being associated with QUA Nutrition for more than 4 years, Diksha's spectrum of specialization now also expands to clinical domains like ADHD, PCOS, IBS , hormonal and sports domains like cricket, squash, golf, sprint and many more. She has personally handled more than 250 clients, spanning across national sports figures, fashion models, to international clients from US, Canada and more. Additionally she has also been working alongside Mr. Ryan Fernando in planning nutrition care for key players from Indian Women's Cricket team and wider client base. She is presently working at a capacity of Senior Nutritionist for QUA Nutrition and strongly believes in a quote by 'Hippocrates', which goes by 'Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.'