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Ekkta Kundu

DESIGNATION : Specialist Nutrition
Experience : 3.1 years
Qualification : M. sc in Food science & Nutrition

Ekkta Kundu is a Qualified nutritionist holding her BSc degree in Food Science and nutrition from West Bengal State University and MSc degree from Pondicherry Central University. She has interned in a reputed Nutrition and Dietetics. Her interest lies in the management of lifestyle diseases and related health issues. She feels having good nutrition also helps to have a sound soul, health, and mind. She has worked with Mr Ryan with Elite Swimmers Like Virdhawal Khade, Neel Roy. She has also planned Nutrition guidelines for Kajal Aggarwal as well. She has also successfully conducted Online awareness camps on Nutrition & spread its importance. She believes it is her sole responsibility to listen, understand and empathize with a person's lifestyle and provide solutions to it. We need motivation for everything in life to stay focused. She believes in 'A Healthy Outside starts from the Inside' She is a Certified Diabetes Educator & Nutrigenomics Counsellor.