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Manisha Ghodke

DESIGNATION : Senior Nutritionist
Experience : 4.5 years
Qualification : MSc Nutrition (Foods, Nutrition and Dietitics)

Manisha Ghodke is a qualified Dietitian and Diabetes Educator. She provides nutrition and behavior counseling for general nutrition and Sports, wellness needs, weight loss and various medical conditions for adults and children. She holds a certificate in Nutrition and Food technology and Master in Nutrition and Dietetics from Osmania University college, Hyderabad. Her Domain in medical field lies in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Liver health, Gut health and other prevalent domains. Being associated with Qua, Manisha's spectrum of specialisation also expands to clinical domains like PCOS, IBS, Thyroid, Hypertension and Holistic domains like weightloss, weight gain, weight maintenance, Fitness, Pediatric nutrition an sports domain like Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Boxing, Sailing, Sprint, Squash etc. She has experience of handling more than 250 clients from kids to teenagers to adults to old people helping them understand about nutrition and achieve their goals. She also works alongside with Mr. Ryan Fernanado spanning across national sports figures. Her passion is teaching, guiding and coaching her clients to live healthier lives- body, mind and soul. She likes to teach her clients how to make small, realistic changes in their lifestyle. She is proactive towards spreading awareness about better health. She believes 'Nutrition isn't just about eating, it is about learning to live.