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Nitesh Pandey

DESIGNATION : Business Development Executive
Experience : 5 years
Qualification : 5 years

Nitesh Pandey is business development executive in Qua nutrition. He works with sports academies, coaches and athletes at all level. He helps people to understand the importance of nutrition in their day to day life. Eating healthy is neither a fashion nor a trend it’s a lifetime necessity. Being at Qua nutrition clinic Nitesh helps anyone or everyone to connect with the qualified nutritionist in team to reach their goals. Nitesh has completed his masters in sports science and nutrition from Institute of Sports Science and Technology, Pune. Being an ex-cricket player himself he understands the importance of nutrition in every sport and how a good nutrition can increase the life span of a sports career of any sports athletes. He believes a customised nutrition plan can make each and everyone bit more discipline in their work especially in sports where discipline is very important.