Cancer Nutrition

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When you're having cancer treatment, it's crucial to think about nutrition. Healthy eating can help you feel better and stay stronger before, during, and after treatment. However, cancer and its treatment can occasionally present issues that make eating difficult.

If you have cancer, good nutrition is especially important because the disease and its therapies might alter your eating habits. They can also influence how your body embraces and utilizes nutrition.

Learn everything you can about the cancer, your treatment options, and how you may feel during your therapy. Planning for potential side effects might help you feel more in control and prepared for any changes that may occur especially with your food and eating habits.

If your therapy includes radiation near neck/head region, you may be recommended to have a feeding tube inserted in your stomach before beginning treatment. This enables eating when swallowing becomes difficult, as well as preventing nutritional and hydration issues throughout therapy.

Any issues you have about eating should be discussed with your nutritionist. A nutritionist can assist you in making dietary modifications to help you cope with side effects.

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By altering the blood cells that safeguard us from illness and viruses, Cancer therapies might damage your immune system. Hence, your body won't be able to fight infections effectively.

Customizing your diet during cancer treatment may be necessary to help you gain strength and survive the effects of the illness and its therapy. When you're in good health, this could entail feeding foods that aren't generally recommended.

When trying to customize the nourishment your body requires, you must consider the type of cancer you have, your therapy, and any side effects you may be experiencing.

Cancer patients' nutritional requirements differ from one another. Your nutritionist can assist you in determining your nutritional goals and devising strategies to help you achieve them.

Customize cancer diet plan consist of a wide range of foods to provide your body with the nutrients it requires to fight cancer and help to maintain your strength & vitality, enhance the capability to cope with the side effects, sustain your bodyweight and nutrient stores in your body, reduce your chances of contracting an infection & heal and recover more quickly.

A proper nutrition can also help to prevent the breakdown of body tissue and promote the growth of new tissue. You may also be able to tolerate higher doses of some drugs. Indeed, several cancer treatments are more effective in patients who follow a prescribed diet, eat with a structured plan everyday and consume enough calories.

QUA Nutrition Clinics' nutritionists will assist you in maintaining a balanced diet before, during and after your cancer treatment. They've had specialised training in nutrition and oncology, and their recommendations are based on scientifically based nutrition research.

The experts on the panel are registered dietitians who can help you develop an ideal diet at every phase of your cancer journey, manage any side effects, and solve your problems about the updated cancer and nutrition research.

We welcome you to have an appointment with one of our nutrition experts for a discovery call to understand how we can help you and learn more about our online nutrition diet plans and materials.



About three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Today, I am a happy and healthy person. I worked with QUA Nutrition to develop a diet that would help me boost my immune system.

They provided me with a wonderful eating plan to help me fight and prevent disease. They discussed what meals would keep me feeling well and aid to battle the cancer growth, all while believing that I would overcome my health issue.

I diligently followed their advise and made it through several chemotherapy sessions.

My regular consultations with my dietician were quite beneficial in keeping me upbeat.

Now I'm back to teaching and offering online classes to my students. I still follow the dietary principles that I acquired from QUA Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.


If you're struggling with cancer, Qua Nutrition is a fantastic place to visit. They look after your requirements with a sense of care and affection.

I began their program in September 2019 and have now lost 14 kgs. I credit their diet chart in helping me during my cancer treatment and also to control diabetes levels. I no longer require insulin or any of the other medications I used to take.

This program saved my life, and I will be eternally thankful to my qua nutrition specialists.


I learned about qua nutrition via a family member who was already using their services and having wonderful results.

I did my own research on them and was convinced that I am approaching the qualified person.

My nutritionist was quite pleasant and courteous. Each therapy session was constructive, and the follow-ups and frequent monitoring aided in the development of healthy eating habits that were necessary for my treatment.

The Qua team was quite helpful in keeping me on track and constantly motivated me.

It is such a blessing to have someone to look after you and keep you accountable while you learn to remove habits and behavior processes that are detrimental to your health. I am immensely grateful to the qua nutrition for guiding and encouraging me on my path to the recovery.


My husband was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. We were all worried about his recovery while he was undergoing the treatment. Our doctor referred us to qua nutrition as he has seen better results in his patients with the right diet.

Qua team gave a very detailed diet plan for my husband with details like food type, time, quantity mentioned in it.

They were well versed with the challenges they might encounter during the treatment, which helped in planning well. The recommendations provided by them were also very helpful.

I will recommend them for their outstanding service and knowledge.