International Counselling

The Indian Diet

Qua Nutrition was built with the concept of taking the counselling to you. You can be anywhere and everywhere. That doesn’t mean that we cannot reach you. We are where you are.

Today the world is seamless due to technology and at some point of time distances, cultures, languages don’t matter. What matters, is that we can connect with you as seamlessly as we do with all our clients and make you feel as comfortable as you walking into our centers. It’s the same experience at the luxury of your home.

We have nutritionist educated and equipped to handle people for across the globe, worldwide across nations and cultures. We take the same time and effort, as we do with our clients face to face, to understand cross cultural influences, the local flavours, the specific availabilities, the different seasons and time difference and your personal touch that goes to make your food choices. We marry that your goals and we build a nutrition plan, that is made to your exacting standards and your comfort delivered at your doorstep at the time frame you want.

You can make choice on any of our plans, and the service is the same consistency. We pride ourselves being one with the world in terms of Nutrition learning and experience and we invite you to join the experience.

The global Indian loves the Indian touch and we bring that you at your doorstep. We understand the blend of the foreign cuisine influence into your local palate, we know the ingredients available to you, we understand the taste buds, and we work on the specific nuances of the sub / cross cultural linkages to bring you the Indian plate to your kitchen.

The jet setter who has homes across the worlds, lives in a new city each week, no two restaurants are the same, and all the flights are long. Work with us to build a plan that can span across the globe, travel and adjusts with you, lets you enjoy the culinary delights, while keeping you the fittest you have been. Taste the world with us. Don’t miss the fun, while you continue to impress the world with your never ending energy.


Tyrone Machado

Smeetal is a young and amazing dietitian who helped me gain weight through overseas consultation. It was helpful

Rajganesh D L

I had come to Qua to help me with my Nutrition to get toned and also help with my Nutrition for the sport I play (Badminton). But since I was in Germany I didn't know if they could help me over. But Dietitian Lakshmi Darshini did an amazing job and handled it very well. She helped me achieve my goals and understood my goals that I had in mind. Through the various Skype sessions and weekly calls she used to encourage me to help me achieve my target and goals. She had planned my diet the exact way I wanted it to be. And every part of it she had explained why she gave that particular food and how it would help me. Now I am able to see better performance in my sport with good stamina and endurance.

Daphne Lopes (International- Holistic Health)