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We are the Best SPORTS Nutrition Clinic on the planet. With 2 Olympic medals and a 26 hrs Guinness World record of Human performance, YOU WANT TO BE TALKING TO US FOR JUST 10 MINS. We will change the way you Fuel and therefore A MEDAL WIN is literally on your plate. Led by RYAN FERNANDO an award winning celebrity Sports Nutritionist, the OLYMPIC SPORTS NUTRITION PLAN is his brainchild and over the last decade QUA NUTRITION and RYAN has changed the lives of over 6000 athletes.

Many athletes do not understand the impact of proper nutrition on athletic performance and health. Nutrition is a key ingredient to optimizing athletic performance. Properly fuelling and refuelling the body is essential to reaching an individual’s full athletic potential. Food selection, quantity as well as meal timing affect body composition, athletic performance, and overall health. Yet, athletes generally tend to have limited knowledge of nutrition. Surveys on nutrition knowledge demonstrate that athletes have many misconceptions about the role of nutrition in performance

Did you know that nutrition is typically the missing link to optimizing athletic potential? The key to improving your performance is to find the weak link. What's holding you back? Are you tired between training sessions? Do you recover slowly? Are you looking to reduce your body fat? Improving energy and performance means looking at the big picture. There is no one single nutrition program for the endurance athlete-not even for the same sport and position. Knowing how to properly fuel and refuel your body is essential to maximizing your sports performance. Don’t wait. Get an edge on the competition and schedule a sports performance nutrition session today.

There are many factors that are evaluated when we work with an athlete. First of all it is important to have a program that's realistic and that fits your lifestyle. Whether you're competing or training off-season, the length and intensity of the sport and unique health situations will also determine your nutritional requirements. The program is then customized to meet the needs of your body and the demands of your sport. Just as the finely tuned engine runs at its best with high-octane fuel, we teach the athlete how to maximize performance with the correct nutrition, and help them understand how their body can perform and recover most effectively. No matter how well you train, your body is limited by certain key factors which can be optimized with a high performance nutrition program designed and customized specifically for your needs and goals.


Qua Nutrition provides individual nutrition counselling and education to enhance the performance of professional, competitive and recreational athletes, on tour, on-site, during and off training, conditioning phase and during travel and rest.The entire science behind a game and its effect on your body is necessary to determine the correct sports nutrition plan. Our expert sports nutritionists will guide you even if you are travelling offshore for a tournament by taking into account the local cuisine to custom build a plan that should optimize your performance anywhere in the world. Receive nutritional guidance for your big competition day that helps on recovery for back to back events.

This includes sweat rate analysis for hydration needs, carbohydrate loading, pre, during and post training recovery nutrition provided.The meal plan that you get would ensure you get OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE. We at Qua Nutrition begin by assessing your biochemistry, training workload, diet and design the best supplement strategy you need. Our team of expert nutritionists and the sports nutrition coach sit with you, the ATHLETE, on aone–on-one basis in developing and designing the BEST nutrition plan to make YOU the BEST YOU CAN BE!

Success in endurance sports is not just about training. Take your nutrition as seriously as you do your training and get an edge on the competition!

Qua Nutrition offers private consultations in addition to online nutrition counselling and telephone support to athletes from all over the world. Every athlete is unique and therefore needs a program geared specifically to meet their individual needs. All programs are carefully developed based on cutting edge science and Ryan Fernando’s knowledge and expertise in working with athletes from every area of sports. Sessions are tailored to your personal ability, goals and available time.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, nutrition is fundamental to your athletic performance. The right diet will optimise your energy levels and help your body recover more effectively. You need to provide your body with enough energy (calories) to meet the demands of training and enable proper recovery between exercise/ training sessions. Training or competition generally increase daily energy requirements depending on duration, type and intensity of the activity.


Sports Nutrition at Qua Nutrition incorporates the cutting edge of scientific and relevant research from across the world in the relevant field to its customised Sports Nutrition Plan. By integrating the Genetic testing into its Nutrition Plan, we become one of the very few in the world to incorporate this element in building a better and a complete athlete by understanding layers of information on how the body functions, capacity, reactions and performs as a machine.

Sports nutrition and eating to fuel your workouts and sports performance can be complicated. There are some basic principles that apply to nearly every athlete. However, your requirements for carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fluids, air and other essential nutrients vary according to YOUR specific SPORT! The Olympic Nutrition Plan strives to fine tune it your genetic level of understanding.

Please email or call us for this confidential reporting and revolutionary performance enhancement strategy to aligning the way SPORTS DIETS are built.

Initial sports nutrition session typically includes:
  • Medical health history.
  • Body Assessments
  • Supplement/medication review and recommendations in sync with the WADA listing.
  • Food and beverage analysis.
  • Working on lung capacity and power breathe to enhance endurance performance.
  • Examination of current lifestyle and food preferences.
  • Determination of energy and macronutrient requirements for optimal performance.
  • Review of the essential nutrients that affect athletic performance and recording the consumption levels.
  • Recommendations for how to consume appropriate intakes of essential nutrients from whole foods and beverages for optimal health and athletic performance.
  • Genetic detailing evaluation and analysis and its interpretation in the Nutrition Plan.

Follow-up sessions include a review of the prior session, an evaluation of recent lifestyle changes, a discussion of how to accomplish any goals not yet achieved as well as relevant, cutting edge sports performance nutrition information.

Working with us help you learn and understand the below aspects of nutritionally improving performance by :

  1. Optimal performance. Your speed, strength, power, endurance and stamina will be at its best.
  2. Learning how to properly fuel your body before, during and after training and competition.
  3. Improved academic performance, mood, and decision-making.
  4. Optimal body composition.
  5. Postponed fatigue and enhanced energy levels during exercise and all day long.
  6. Better and faster recovery.
  7. Minimized soreness and inflammation
  8. Reduced injury risk and improved return-to-play time after injury or surgery.
  9. Enhanced immunity.
  10. Ability to excel at sports for many years.

Sessions may vary based upon your personal athletic goals.


We work on counselling individuals and group/team nutrition counselling for performance and stamina, translating the latest scientific research in the field of Sports nutrition science and into practical implementable recommendations, tracking and documenting outcomes of the nutrition services, monitoring the athlete’s intake and response and feedback for coaches, trainers, and parents.

Providing sports nutrition education for sporting academy / school / sporting groups/ athletic teams, and community groups and maintaining professional competency and skills required for professional practice in the long run.

Change the way you fuel. Change to the way the best athlete’s fuel. Choose the best Sports Nutrition Plan from the Best Sports Nutrition Company.


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