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Frequently asked questions

1. I have elevated heart markers in the blood test; what is my risk of heart condition?

Blood tests for cardiac / heart should be reviewed with a specialist doctor for due guidance on understanding the blood markers.

2. How can I reverse / control the heart markers in the blood test?

Compliance to corrective nutrition plan and evaluation with doctor’s medication is important to control the heart blood test markers.

3. Will I have to constantly monitor it now that I have a risk of the heart condition?

Yes, monitoring is very important to minimize the risk of advancement of the condition.

4. How can we correlate genetic testing and cardiac care?

Certain genetic markers do establish the probability of having heart conditions. The test is recommended for people who have parents with heart conditions or have some initial symptoms. Understanding your propensity can help plan medical and nutritional intervention for prevention in the long run.

5. Can food help in my condition if my ailment is quite advanced?

Yes, food and corrective nutrition is the long-term cure for all aliments. Medicinal support is also needed and cannot be ignored. But medicines do not offer nutrient support and body regeneration. Putting back essential nutrients to heal and repair is the long-term solution to control and reverse a condition. Both medical and nutritional intervention should work hand in hand for best results.

6. Is it sustainable?

The nutrition plan is sustainable because it is customized and made adaptable to the changes in your medical condition and recovery process. The nutrition plans are made with the goal for heart health.

7. Can we reverse heart condition?

Heart condition can be controlled, managed and it progression greatly reduced, but cannot be completely reversed. Hence, medical and nutrition care is very important for cardiac care and heart health.

8. Will it be easy to follow and cook?

Since, the diet plan is customized to your food habits and medical conditions, it will be easy to follow.

9. When can I stop the medicines or is remission possible?

Over a period of time medicines can be reduced and stopped but only after consulting your doctor. The changes in your body and physiology can be discussed with your doctor as well.

10. How soon can I see the changes?

Within 30 to 90 days based upon the conditions, comorbidities, complications, medication, and compliance.

11. If I have weight concerns, will you charge extra for it or is it inclusive to the plan?

Since the nutrition plan is customized for you, it would be made based on your weight loss goals as well. There will no additional charges.

QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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