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Prapti Ruia

DESIGNATION : Senior Nutritionist
Experience : 2 years
Qualification : M.Sc. In Food & Nutrition

Prapti Ruia is a Nutritionist at Qua Nutrition-The Signature Nutrition Clinics, holding a Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition from J.D.Birla Institute, Kolkata. She specializes in helping individuals to grow till their maximum health potential without being miserable throughout the process. She strongly believe that being healthy is not just about getting into a waistline, it is rather a process of how one ‘feels’ about themselves as well as strive to become better each day. As a nutritionist she work towards motivating, inspiring, enhancing, encouraging and making the person happy! Her mantra is to magnify the nutrition success together. Every time you eat, it's an opportunity to nourish your body. A diet, like clothes, should be tailored to fit you best! ”