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Reethu Srinivas

DESIGNATION : Specialist Nutrition
Experience : 5 Months
Qualification : M.Sc Human Nutrition with clinical nutrition specilisation

Reethu has completed her post graduation in Human Nutrition from University of Glasgow, UK. She specialises in the field of Clinical Nutrition. Her MSc project was based on the impact of a polyphenol rich diet on Colorectal adenoma and adenocarcinoma in two population groups consisting of Caucasians and the Indians. She also strongly believes in functional medicine and that food is not a form of medicine, it is the only medicine that we must use to cure any illness before it is too late. Her field of expertise is in diabetes, cardiac health, PCOS, thyroid & obesity. She is also a certified cancer nutritionist and works towards providing proper nutrition to help patients recover during the process of cancer treatment. As she holds a nutrition profession her keen interest is to help the public understand that cooking not only is good for you but also vital to drive change in our food system. She strongly believes in - You always get to pick what you want to buy and where it comes from, which then influences all the food industry to make cleaner food supply. Her strong emphasis on eating locally and seasonally has gained her most of the success today in terms of how she easily modifies and tricks the human body to become healthier, making weight loss more sustainable and enjoyable at the same time.