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Ruchi Bhansali

DESIGNATION : Certified Diabetic educator
Experience : 5 years
Qualification : Cardiac and Diabetes nutrition

Ruchi Bhansali is a qualified Dietician, a certified Diabetes Educator, a certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist and a certified IBS specialist. She holds a Master's degree in Cardiac & Diabetes Nutrition from S.V.T. College, Juhu, Mumbai and has done her IBS course from Monash University, Australia.

During her masters, she researched on - "Association between Blood Sugars & Insulin with Snacking Pattern in Adolescents & Young Adults of India."

Her interest & expertise lie in the field of Medical & Sports Nutrition. On the medical front she has catered to clients with metabolic syndrome like PCOS, Obesity, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Thyroid etc. On the sports front she has catered to clients who are marathon runners, weight lifters and boxers.

She herself is a sports enthusiast & practices Kick Boxing, BJJ & Weight Training. She believes that - " Good Nutrition along with Exercise is the Highest Form of Self-Respect "