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Suhasini Viswanathan

DESIGNATION : Chief Nutritionist
Experience : 9.3 years
Qualification : MSc Health Sciences (Dietetics)

Suhasini Viswanathan is a qualified Dietician, a Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Paediatric Nutritionist and a Certified Vegan and Vegetarian Specialist. She has completed her Masters in Dietetics from the University of Pune and completed her certifications from International Organizations and Universities across the globe. Her interest and expertise in the field of nutrition lies in Medical cases, Paediatric Nutrition and she has been successfully fuelling the nutrition for some of the national and international level sports players. In the past decade of working, Suhasini has helped CEOs get their health & fitness on track, worked with people to correct their deranged blood parameters, helped budding athletes better their personal records & also worked with special children like those on the Autism Spectrum. Currently she is working in Qua Nutrition as the Head of Quality Control in Dietetic Management at QUA NUTRITION CLINICS. .