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Taffylene Dkhar

DESIGNATION : Specialist Nutrition
Experience : 4 years
Qualification : M.sc Food Service Management & Dietetics

Taffylene Dkhar is a qualified Dietitian, graduated from Women’s Christian College, Chennai with a Master Degree in Food Service Management and Dietetics. She has completed her Dietetics internship at Madras Medical Mission Hospital, Chennai. Her domain in the medical field lies in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Liver health, Gut health and other prevalent domains. Being associated with Qua, Taffylene’s spectrum of specialization also expands to clinical domains like PCOS , IBS ,Thyroid , Hypertension and Holistic health like Weight loss, Weight gain, Weight maintenance, Fitness and also Pediatric nutrition. Taffylene is also specialized in sports domains like Football, Cricket, Swimming, Squash and many more. Through these years she has been successfully fuelling the nutrition for all kinds of Nutrition goals, and also works alongside Ryan Fernando, spanning across national sports figures, international clients and fashion models. She also likes to deliver tremendous value in her field via webinars, seminars, for co-operates, coaches, sports academies, schools and colleges. Taffylene aims to deliver practical and realistic guidance to her clients and she felt strongly about living a healthy lifestyle. Her interest is to impart knowledge of nutrition and to impact the client’s lives by promoting wellness and teaching them that health is deeply related to diet. Her mission in Life is to use innovative nutrition knowledge and extensive experience to help people achieve permanent wellness. She welcomes and enjoys working with all stages of each person’s journey. Her motto is “Eating healthy is transformation from cell to soul.”