Qua Team page - At QUA Nutrition, with the realization and the concept that each person is different, comes the solution that each person needs to be handled by a Nutritionist who is specialized and experienced in the field and focus areas of our clients. And here we present the best Nutritionist and Dietician team in the world, in terms of their collective experience and knowledge. They are responsible to handle every aspect of Nutrition intervention needed by you for any condition and in any field. Each of our Best Nutritionist come with specializations on various medical and nutrition subjects to cater to your needs specifically. From Sports Nutritionists, to Diabetic Educator, Cancer specialists, to Paediatric Nutritionists and many more medical and other specialist to having decades of experience of handling worldwide clients with multiple conditions, their success stories is validated by our customers via their testimonials and videos

Our Team strength is reflected by it cumulative capabilities and dynamics of effectiveness in specific areas.
  • Years of experience (total all dietitians): 373
  • No.of clients: Above 25k (out of which no. of celebrities 500+)
  • No.of counselling- over 1,00,000
  • No. of specialization: 45
  • No. of certifications: 137
  • No. of hours spending on training: 646 hours/year
  • Hours of research: 56K+ hours of research/year
  • No of QC's- 1,45,000+
  • No of Supplement strategist- 1,23,740+

Chief Nutritionist

Chief nutritionists at QUA Nutrition consists of highly qualified, multi-dimensional nutritionists and dieticians with extremely sound professional technical expertise and international level exposure to the latest scientific nutritional practices. Their experience is long standing in terms of consistency, a proven track record of quality with years of superlative rounded nutrition counselling experience across the different domains, severities, and complexities in the field of sports and medical nutrition and their respective fields. Because of their vast service knowledge, the chief nutritionist has a 360-degree holistic approach towards analysing a given case not only with the understanding of nutrition strategy but also combined with a humane experience of handling emotional experiences.

Our Chief Nutritionist
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Head of Quality Control, Supplement Strategist, Nutrigenomic Counsellor

Senior Nutritionist

The senior nutritionists hold a firm command on the specific subject knowledge, with a deep understanding of science of food and nutrition and having an analytical approach in implementing relevant knowledge in practical scenarios for effective execution. They have risen through the ranks on their exemplary deliverables on consistency and quality, while mastering different subjects. They build authority by consistently providing excellence in service to their clients both technically and empathetically.

Our Senior Nutritionist
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Quality Controller, Supplement Strategist, Nutrigenomic Counsellor

Specialist Nutritionist

This is a team of qualified nutritionists with a solid background of 600 hours + training in nutrition counselling. They have a vast exposure of working on specific subject bases and different case scenarios, have a high number of hours committed to frequent interaction with real time clients for nutrition counselling, intervention, feedback, and real-life implementation of Nutrition strategy in the form of diet and Nutrition plans.

Our Specialist Nutritionist
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nutrigenomic Counsellor

Sports Nutritionist

The QUA Nutrition sports nutritionist team is the team behind the best sports athletes in India. As a collective hive they have worked with 100000+ athletes across 18+ sports. The education, training and experience and the practical implementation of Nutrition, dietary and supplementation nuances is ingrained for a sporting excellence point of view. Apart from nutrition needs they understand the physical, mental, and emotional needs of an athlete which gives them an instant connection with the players and help build a coach player relation which sees a rise in acceptance of dietary modifications. Each sport is different and the understanding of the implementation of a nutrition plan for every athlete is done based on the specific sport. What more! This team also has access to the nutrition secrets of Olympic medal winning athletes and elite champions in different sports.

Our Sports Nutritionist
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nutrigenomic Counsellor

Clinical Nutritionist

"Let food be thy medicine" the popular quote by Hippocrates is put into life by this multi qualified talented team of clinical and medical nutritionists. They are passionate about finding lasting nutrition solutions to your medical problems, put you off from pills and illness and give you a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Having worked successfully on several medical conditions including Gut issues, Diabetes, Hypertension, Autoimmune disorders, Kidney, liver conditions to name a few, the team also incorporates their specific learning, research, and vast experience of dealing with patients with multiple conditions to provide a holistic support to get you back to the best of your health. Their experience in reading medical diagnostic reports, understanding cause conditions to your illness, recommending the best care treatments have earned them the reputation of being the best healers in the country.

Our Clinical Nutritionist
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Clinical Nutritionist

Diabetes Educators

Specific in their care and management of diabetics, which combines itself with different conditions, this team is super specialised in handling diabetic care management. Responsible for reversing a large number diabetic and pre diabetic clients and they come with the scientific understanding to achieve long lasting results via dietary implementation.

Our Diabetes Educators
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Clinical Nutritionist

Cardiac Division

This dedicated and specialized team of health experts is trained to assess your diet and recommend adjustments that may help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, control diabetes, and other co-factors that play a major part in the development of cardiovascular disease. A large part of the nutrition intervention is rested in preventing a worst-case scenario and understanding the causative elements and putting across a lifetime solution. The rising cardiac cases among young and old alike, was a major factor in putting up this team with focus on scientific based and evidence proven nutrition strategies for heart health.

Our Cardiac Division
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Clinical Nutritionist

Oncology Nutritionist

Any kind of cancer requires very detailed and proof-oriented nutrition therapy for better treatment results. Your oncology nutritionist will collaborate with you and determine what nutritional recommendations you require at each stage of your treatment. This could entail making the most of what you're eating, assisting you with your weight and strength, or providing you with specialized nourishment if necessary.

Our Oncology Nutritionist
Qualification : Msc Food Science & Nutrition, BSc Food Science & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Onco Nutritionist

Paediatric Nutritionist

If you have a kid and require nutritional assistance, a paediatric nutritionist is a must. With a convenient availability of all kinds of foods around us, the next generation needs to start learning how to eat healthy at an early age for future health benefits. But parents often find it difficult to imbibe nutrition education to the child as they might not adhere to it. Growing up a child needs a teacher and a friend approach to adapt to the diet changes. The paediatric nutritionist at QUA Nutrition has experience of working, counselling and nutritionally parenting several kids over the years. We have developed our own next gen kid centric nutrition approach, which has witnessed a tremendous success rate and high adherence among kids. If you need assistance with your children's eating habits, we would be delighted to assist you!

Our Paediatric Nutritionist
Qualification : : Msc Food Science & Nutrition,Bsc Food Science & Nutrition,Certified Pediatric Nutritionist

Quality Controller

Every diet chart at QUA Nutrition goes through a rigorous quality check where the controller scrutinizes the chart to assess its scientific authenticity, application, and effectiveness. Every meal, every nutrition input and supplements are examined, cross checked and questioned to align to the client's specific needs, conditions, goals, medical and diagnostic inputs to meet their goals. This requires years of practice, thorough understanding, and deep insight in the subject of nutrition. In Qua Nutrition, there are standards, processes and training put into place for a Nutritionist to qualify to become a Quality Controller. Every senior nutritionist and chief nutritionist needs to be a quality controller by default.

Supplement Strategist

A Supplement strategist job profile is to meticulously plan and answer a unique combination of nutrition needs at the same time determining the form, type, time, and frequency of the supplement to strike a balanced approach along with the specific diet for a client. The supplement strategist commands a strong understanding of different forms of dietary supplements with a focus on ever evolving field of supplement research and constantly engages in a dialogue with the assigned nutritionist and quality controller to provide guidance incorporating supplements for any given chart.