Losing Weight And Losing Weight In A Healthy Manner

Are Two Very Different Things

Learning how to lose weight—while eating healthy and avoiding nutritional deficiencies—is vital to sustaining good health and even keeping the weight off.

At QUA Nutrition, our world class nutritionists carefully study your blood reports, your nutrition and genetic profile, your physiology, your tastes, choices, lifestyle and build a customized plan for you. The feedback from your end is an essential part to make sure the diet plan is suited to you like the best clothes you wish to wear. Along with weight loss, you will see inch loss, decrease in fat percentage, and increase in lean muscle mass and improved energy levels to do more. In a one of its kind plans, you will be a part of building and shaping your nutrition chart with our nutritionists.

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Ryan Fernando,

India’s Leading Nutritionist

A multi-talented personality, Ryan Fernando is a Nutrition & Health Coach, Nutrition Genetics Counsellor, Podcaster, Speaker, Lecturer, Radio Jockey, Author & the Founder of QUA NUTRITION CLINICS & INSTITUTENUTRITION.COM. He has a team of over 60 dieticians who change people’s lives via nutrition and food behaviour management. With a clientele spanning from Bollywood stars to top New York fashion models and CEOs, we are proud to be the go-to choice for weight loss and maintenance for many celebrities.

Ryan has 2 Olympic medals and 2 Guinness World Records athletes under his nutrition coaching.

The Process

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Get all your queries answered. Speak with our expert nutritionist to understand how we will approach your case and help you achieve your goals.

Select a plan

One time, 1/3/6/12 months- select any time duration of plan. You can choose to work with any of specialized/senior/chief nutritionist. You also can anytime upgrade the plan.

In Depth Analysis

We look deep into your diagnostic reports, Food habits, choices & culture and lifestyle. The unique needs of an individual is thoroughly examined and taken care of.

Establishing Goals

Post analyzing the data and in consultation with the assigned nutritionist goals will be established in align with your bio individuality and lifestyle factors. The goals will be different for each member in the family and the diet plan will accordingly be crafted.

Diet Chart Preparation

Based on your feedback and targeted goals, the assigned nutritionist then work on your customized diet plan. The plan though unique is designed in such a way that the entire family can eat together. At this stage a supplement strategist, if required, will help formulate your supplement intake along with diet.

Quality Check

Your diet chart then goes for a quality check, where the quality controller will evaluate your diet chart vis a vis your requirements, so that you only receive the best diet chart.

Diet Chart Delivery

After thorough examinations and through set protocols, once approved, your diet chart will be delivered to you in 7 days time.

Success Stories

Senthil Kumaran

“Qua Nutrition in Alwarpet Chennai is a perfect balance between diet and exercise, they give customized diets to some of my clients and they have seen positive benefits from their diet charts. Being a certified trainer, I am comfortable sending my clients to QUA Nutrition for their dietary advice, and I am confident in their approach.”

Mr. Yegnesh

As regards to the feedback on the service and other parameters, I am glad that your services are from a dedicated team and always wiling to help the client reach their goal. The nutrition service . is excellent and you are made comfortable and allowed to go slow on the diet. Appreciate the time and effort in understanding the requirement of the client.


I am really thankful to my nutritionist for making me look at nutrition from a different angle and opening my eyes to a new dimension of eating right and healthy. Fortunately with the diet only itself I am happy to make progress in baby steps to a healthier me.


This is my first experience with Qua nutrition, would like to thank them, their holistic diet plan worked as a miracle for me. They are highly knowledgeable. And understanding as per the goal of the client .l started seeing the results within the first 3-4 weeks itself (losing weight,reduction in hairfall,along with gaining muscle) They didn’t made false promises/ guaranteeing unexpected results ,but i got the results beyond my expectation.very happy Thank you QUA NUTRITION


QUA Nutrition is the best place to stay healthy and happy. The dedicated staff takes health very seriously. The team is ready to help with great suggestions. Now I enjoy parties without feeling guilty anymore.


An excellent experience where I learned to integrate healthier eating habits in to my lifestyle. After almost four years of being with Qua, their ideologies are now part of my life.The nutritionists are well informed and very dedicated to their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies from individual to individual. People much heavier than the recommended BMI will have an easier time than those closer to it.

It is difficult to guarantee weight loss since it depends on your current weight, compliance, lifestyle and medical conditions.

It is difficult to guarantee weight loss since it depends on your current weight, compliance, lifestyle and medical conditions.

Weight can be lost without exercise. However, the rate of weight loss will be slower when compared to those who follow both the diet and exercise plans..

The plan is customized to your needs and medical conditions. Additional charges won’t be levied for the same.

Any plan based on only a calorie deficit does not guarantee weight loss. Underlying health conditions and genetic factors play a large role and may be stopping you from losing weight.

We work on fat loss instead of weight loss. Weight includes muscle weight, bone weight and organ systems. Long term weight loss programs work when fat loss is the objective. Losing weight through fat percentage loss, chances of rebounding are less than following a crash diet or calorie deficit.