A Slice of Papaya Everyday

Papaya is the only known food studied for its cancer preventing properties in women.

The intense orangey-pink colour of papaya means it is full of cancer fighting carotenoids. Not only beta carotene, but lycopene is found in abundance. The construction of lycopene makes it highly reactive towards oxygen and free radicals.

They break down protein cosumed in food into amino acids and aid in digestion. Being a proteolytic enzyme, papain is able to destroy intestinal parasites, which are composed mostly of protein.

Half a cup of papaya juice and Half a cup of cucumber can be alternated each hour for twelve consecutive hours is believed to rid the body of intestinal parasites.

However, as people age, they produce less of the enzymes needed to effectively digest proteins from food. Hence, a large amount of undigested protein remains in the body which can lead to overgrowth of unwanted bacteria in the intestinal tract, and a lack of available amino acids.

Eating papaya after a meal promotes digestion, and helps prevent bloating, gas production, and indigestion. It helps to replenish friendly intestinal bacteria after the antibiotic use since they were the innocent victims in the war against the unwanted bacteria.

When the intestinal tract is well populated with friendly bacteria, the immune system is strengthened, and can protect better against flu and cancer.

Papaya contains, fibrin, a compound that improves the quality of blood cells, increases the ability of blood to flow through the circulatory system and prevents the risk of strokes.

Fibrin in papayas contain that minimize the potential of blood clots in the legs. They also destroy the defense shields of viruses, , yeasts, tumors, allergens and various forms of fungus.

Once the shield is destroyed, tumors and invading organisms are extremely vulnerable and easily taken care of by the immune system of the body. Undigested proteins can penetrate the gut and wind up in the bloodstream where they are treated by the immune system. If there are large numbers of undigested proteins floating in the blood, the immune system becomes overburdened and is unable to attend to the other tasks it was meant to do.

Let’s ensure a slice of papaya every day in our diet.

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