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Why choose QUA over your local nutritionist or a well-known nutrition clinic in your area. Face it. Your local nutritionist is more accessible than us.

Nutrition clinics all over the world have e blueprint for giving you a nutrition plan.

  1. They only give the number of carbs, fats, proteins you need to consume on a daily basis.
  2. They don’t give meal plans or a supplementation program.
  3. The nutrition plain is not based on blood reports or genetics.
  4. The nutrition plan doesn’t focus on your lifestyle, your schedule, exercise routine, your eating habits, the availability of certain foods or your choices.
  5. No weekly follow-ups or changes in the nutrition plan once your body starts adapting.

We at QUA take all of this and more into the picture while designing your nutrition plan. Our world class nutritionists take into account every detail to custom build a nutrition plan for you. You will be an integral part of creating your nutrition plan.

Whether you a vegan by choice, or you prefer a keto diet, whether you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, our nutritionists will factor every parameter in mind to design a comprehensive curated plan for you. This is the most customized plan and service you will ever get in this world.

What should you look for while choosing a nutritionist/nutrition plan?

  1. Credentials and visibility.
  2. Testimonials and clientele.
  3. Is the nutrition plan customized for you? If yes, then what are the parameter taken into account? Blood reports? Genetic reports. Medical reports? Your preferences, lifestyle, work schedule, training schedule? Inputs from your doctors, trainers, coach? Medication? Allergies?
  4. Are the nutritionists qualified to handle your case? A nutritionist specialized in weight loss won’t fit in if you are a diabetic. Or a young mother. Or a professional athlete.
  5. Does the nutrition plan offer a supplementation program?
  6. Will the plan include weekly follow-ups and flexibility to include changes as your body adapts to a healthy eating plan?
  7. Will the nutritionists be supportive in case you deviate from the plan?
  8. Is the nutrition plan in alignment with your goals?

When you go for a nutrition plan, remember that you are choosing to place your life in the hands of professionals who will determine your health. Be sure of your choice.

The Process

  1. Book a discovery call

    Speak with our expert nutritionist to understand how we will approach your case and help you achieve your goals. Enjoy our services at the comfort of your home at your convenient time.

  2. Select a plan

    One time, 1/3/6/12 months- select any time duration of plan. You can choose to work with either of expert or chief nutritionist. You also can anytime upgrade the plan.

  3. In Depth Analysis

    We look deep into your diagnostic reports, Food habits, choices & culture and lifestyle. We strive to understand cross cultural influences, the local flavours, the specific availabilities, the different seasons , time difference and your personal touch that goes to make your food choices.

  4. Establishing Goals

    Post analyzing the data and in consultation with the assigned nutritionist goals will be established in align with your bio individuality and lifestyle factors.

  5. Diet Chart Preparation

    Based on your feedback and targeted goals, the assigned nutritionist then work on your customized diet plan. We work on the specific nuances of the sub / cross cultural linkages to bring you the Indian plate to your kitchen. At this stage a supplement strategist, if required, will help formulate your supplement intake along with diet.

  6. Quality Check

    Your diet chart then goes for a quality check, where the quality controller will evaluate your diet chart vis a vis your requirements, so that you only receive the best diet chart.

  7. Diet Chart Delivery

    After thorough examinations and through set protocols, once approved, your diet chart will be delivered to you in 7 days time.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do you handle clients internationally? Is there any process difference?

All our process and protocols, deliverables and intervention are the same per our standard protocol. All the counselling’s are handled via video conferencing.

2. How do you work under different time zones?

With each time zones there are common hours and timings that can be established and coordinated so that we communicate with our clients effectively. Once a rhythm is established, time zones are not an issue.

3. Where can I do genetic testing? How will we send reports? How many days does it take to get the reports?

You initial genetic sample collection can be done from 23andme. They will also provide you with the raw data. This raw data can be shared with us. Payment will need to be done to 23andme for the raw data and separately to the genetic lab for the report that is to be generated.  Please click here to review the sample reports.

4. Does your nutrition plan have continental diet, or you focus only on an Indian diet or is it a mix? Do you customize the diet?

We customize the diet as per your choice.

5. How is your diet plan different from a local dietician here?

Internationally, dieticians and nutritionist’s advisory are based upon guidelines that follow a certain calorie load with macro nutrient split across the day. The type of food and the kind of food is left to your discretion. We, on the other hand, do a lot of research to calculate, understand, combine, and assimilate the food type/ combination/ portion that will give the necessary macro nutrients.  We take inputs from your blood reports and genetic reports. We provide all these details in the nutrition plan including a follow up call each week and a revision of the plan based upon your progress after 45 days.

6. Why are the charges in foreign currency? Why can’t I pay in INR?

As you are foreign resident and the service rendered to you is overseas, the government mandates that the invoicing is in foreign currency. We can receive in INR only from your NRO account.

7. Is blood test mandatory? It is very difficult to get blood test done here.

We can work with any old blood test reports that you have. We understand that doing the blood test is extremely difficult. We, however, encourage you to incorporate our parameters so that you have a comprehensive plan. If you have a medical problem, do consult your local physician to give you a prescription for the same. If you travel to India any time, make sure you conduct your blood tests in India.

8. If I travel to India, can I meet you?

Yes, always welcome.

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    QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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