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Weight Management

At every age, we have different metabolic levels. Overall, one of the major gauges of good health, fitness, wellbeing, feel good factor and aesthetics is our weight index. We use this measure to evaluate how healthy we are and want to be at the ideally. One of the key parameters to staying young, fit, and healthy is your ability to manage your weight.

Managing weight and maintaining it needs to be addressed with a calculated and scientific nutritional approach for long lasting benefits and improvements.

Step into our weight management program that works in correcting the nutritional deficiencies, supplementations and addressing with any comorbidities that you are dealing. This will be customized, curated weight management nutritional program that is based on your blood work, genetics, physiology, preferences, choices, fitness regime, lifestyle, and specific goals.

Weight Loss

Losing weight should not be programmed to lose only mass, but to functionally able to reduce the fat and inches and not have aspect of regain or ill health. It needs to be planned in a way that is optimum for your body, age, physiology, and health without causing loss to essential nutrients and supplements is the right way. Our weight loss program is very specific and adaptive to each aspect that impacts your body, lifestyle, fitness, and goals.

Weight Gain

Weight gain should be muscle gain and not gain gaining the wrong weight. Gaining weight is aligned to gaining muscle, improvement in body shape and image and energy levels. Gaining lean, healthy muscles and weight that are nutritionally tailored to your body enable a person to evolve and into a healthy and fit individual.

The Process

  1. Book a discovery call

    Get all your queries answered. Speak with our expert nutritionist to understand how we will approach your case and help you achieve your goals.

  2. Select a plan

    One time, 1/3/6/12 months- select any time duration of plan. You can choose to work with any of specialized/senior/chief nutritionist. You also can anytime upgrade the plan.

  3. In Depth Analysis

    We look deep into your diagnostic reports, Food habits, choices & culture and lifestyle. A multitasking approach of prioritizing and simultaneously working on different areas for overall development.

  4. Establishing Goals

    Post analyzing the data and in consultation with the assigned nutritionist goals will be established in align with your bio individuality and lifestyle factors. A holistic approach with focus on health, fitness and beauty, to be a celebrity of life.

  5. Diet Chart Preparation

    Based on your feedback and targeted goals, the assigned nutritionist then work on your customized diet plan. At this stage a supplement strategist, if required, will help formulate your supplement intake along with diet.

  6. Quality Check

    Your diet chart then goes for a quality check, where the quality controller will evaluate your diet chart vis a vis your requirements, so that you only receive the best diet chart.

  7. Diet Chart Delivery

    After thorough examinations and through set protocols, once approved, your diet chart will be delivered to you in 7 days time.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much weight can a person loose in a month?

This varies from individual to individual. People much heavier than the recommended BMI will have an easier time than those closer to it.

2. Do you give any guarantee for weight loss or gain?

It is difficult to guarantee weight loss since it depends on your current weight, compliance, lifestyle and medical conditions.

3. How much time does it take to burn fat and gain muscle?

It is difficult to guarantee weight loss since it depends on your current weight, compliance, lifestyle and medical conditions.

5. WHAT if I cannot exercise? Will I still lose weight?

Weight can be lost without exercise. However, the rate of weight loss will be slower when compared to those who follow both the diet and exercise plans.

6. Can you handle thyroid or fatty liver condition in weight loss plan? Will you charge differently?

The plan is customized to your needs and medical conditions. Additional charges won’t be levied for the same.

7. Have been to other nutritionist but I have not managed to lose weight? How are you different? I am doing strenuous exercise still not losing weight.

Any plan based on only a calorie deficit does not guarantee weight loss. Underlying health conditions and genetic factors play a large role and may be stopping you from losing weight.

8. Will I regain my weight after the nutrition plan ends?

We work on fat loss instead of weight loss. Weight includes muscle weight, bone weight and organ systems. Long term weight loss programs work when fat loss is the objective. Losing weight through fat percentage loss, chances of rebounding are less than following a crash diet or calorie deficit.

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