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We cater to each individual’s specific nutritional, health and fitness requirement. We define the work customization in our service.



The array of experience and knowledge; the wide scope of variety of specialization within the team, makes QUA Nutrition the best Nutrition Clinic. The results and satisfaction of our clients are testimony on our pedigree and quality of work.



At Qua Nutrition, we believe in understanding what you are looking for and work on changing nutrition behavior based on your comfort, lifestyle, goals, schedule time lines, medical conditions, health, fitness, age, genes, and other factors to make a better you.

"I believe that every individual should find their life partner in specific foods (Bio-individuality) and make peace with the fact that to be great, one has to transcend above your taste buds and move to the feeling of supreme energy of food."


"I believe that every individual should find their life partner in specific foods (Bio-individuality) and make peace with the fact that to be great, one has to transcend above your taste buds and move to the feeling of supremeenergy of food."


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Qua Nutrition is one of the few nutrition clinics world-wide that have qualified and trained counsellors in this field who can interpret your genetic reports and advise you the worlds most personalised nutrition plan based on its results.


Our clients success stories with us. We are partners in your journey to good health and fitness.

Joshua 1718Joshua 1718
09:00 31 Oct 23
I'm a kabbadi player and after using this product my fitness power increased leading me to perform super well
Arpana AnchaliaArpana Anchalia
14:37 16 Jun 23
I had a really good experience with Qua nutrition. My nutritionist Diksha Banthia was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. The plan she designed for me was highly customised to my needs and never felt like a burden to follow. I am seeing great results. If you want to get your nutrition and weight in control for the long term, look no further!
10:31 15 Jun 23
thanks Diksha Banthia for helping me in my weight loss journey you where really amazing and patient throughout
Bittu BiswasBittu Biswas
08:33 15 Jun 23
Diksha banthia has been really very good with my children diet she took time to make them under stand the importance of each fruit vegetable I am really very thank full to her for making my kids eat all veggies eat well
richu bothrarichu bothra
14:22 12 Jun 23
I regularly use to have stomach pain gastric issues or somethin related to stomach keeps on coming every second day of my life . But when I came across Qua and Diksha Banthia who was supervising me nd instructed me with so much healthy nd good plan due to which my stomach is not having issues as regularly as before… I’m glad I came across Qua nd Diksha who supervised me with such a good plan.
Niharika BothraNiharika Bothra
14:12 12 Jun 23
Been suffering from stomach related ailments since many years and ye ied all medicine nothing worked. Then took a proper diet plan from Qua and under Diksha Banthia excellenct supervision and care feel better and system seems to be improving . I am happy I took to Qua and special thanks to Diksha for helping and hearing out.
Radha PophaleRadha Pophale
14:09 02 Jun 23
I would like to take this opportunity and share my fair feedback with the Qua team.I am utterly pleased with using the Qua services. As it helped me achieve my goal in time by focusing on a well designed diet. It was not just change in the diet but change in complete lifestyle that played a role in the transformation.Special thanks to Diksha and Pooja who patiently addressed my queries and explained everything in detail.The Best part was that I didn't have to sacrifice my hunger and the transformation was very natural with minimal efforts.

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Remain informed of the relevant nutrition information for maintaining better health.

QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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