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Applicable to all – Pre taking the plan

1. Do you have a free trial package?

No, a free trial package is not available. This is because each nutrition plan is customized according to individual needs and goals. Your goals, medical conditions, and lifestyle act as parameters- thus, it is impossible for us to extend this for everyone.

2. What is your consultation fee?

The consultation is an integral part of the plan. Thus, a separate consultation fee is not available. There are plans of different durations, and the consultation for each type differ accordingly.

3. What do your plans cost?

One time, 1/3/6/12 months- select any time duration of plan. You can choose to work with any specialized/senior/chief nutritionist. You also can anytime upgrade the plan. For more details, visit: https://xdm.eje.mybluehostin.me/pricing/

4. Is Payment by instalments allowed? Is split payment allowed?

Payment in instalments or split payment is not allowed. The bank responsible for your credit card can be asked to work on the instalments.

5. Why cannot 1 plan give me the results?

Whilst we have our performance/health goals well defined in terms of the final outcome, the present health status might not be in sync with the same. A sudden introduction of a host of changes can be  overwhelming, hence it requires a gradual approach with constant tracking, adapting to the changes and customizing the plan based on current requirements.

6. Can we take a plan without the blood tests?

A nutrition plan can be made without blood tests. But supplements cannot be given without a blood test highlighting nutrient deficiencies. Your plan will not be as holistic as you may want it to be, since deficiencies will not be addressed.

7. Will you give exotic food items to in the plan?

The nutrition plan will be created on the basis on availability of various fruits and vegetables wherever you live, your preferred cuisine and commercial viability of various produce found in the market.

8. What if the diet plan doesn't work?

There can be multiple reasons causing a diet plan to not work. Please get in touch with your nutritionists and our customer care. We will soon get back to you with a detailed analysis and help you understand the reasons for failure. Long term solutions to your problems will be discussed.

9. Will the diet plan be very hard to follow?

Your diets will be easy to follow since it is curated to your lifestyle, preferred tastes and your goals. If your goals are related to medical conditions or performance, the diet plan will be more stringent.

10. Will the nutritionist connect with me every day?

Your nutritionist will get in touch with you on a weekly basis. This session can be pre-scheduled. Your feedback and compliance can be logged in everyday on our app for the nutritionist to review.

11. How can I connect with the nutritionist for questions?

Questions can be asked in the weekly call you have with them. In emergencies, you can call your nutritionist or text them via WhatsApp. Please be patient and wait for your nutritionist to get back to you.

12. Do you have an App?

We do have an app that can be used to review and change your diet plan. It can also be used to track changes in your compliance and your schedule. At the moment, App can only be accessed by a client who has enrolled for a plan.

13. Can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade and renew your plan if you wish to. Please click on the link below to know more about the rates and the different plans.

Click here

14. What are the protocols you follow at QUA?

QUA nutrition has over 50 trained world class nutritionists. There are systems and protocols for everything from nutritional counselling to customer care. They go through stringent checks and exhaustive training.

15. Is there a maintenance plan?

There is always a maintenance plan given for all plans irrespective of their duration.

Dietician based –

1. What if I want to change my nutritionist?

You can change your nutritionist. Please talk to you nutritionist or our customer care services. You will be assigned to a different nutritionist soon.

2. How qualified are your Nutritionist? Are they certified and registered?

All our nutritionists have an MSc in nutritional dietetics or sports nutrition. They are also certified with additional degrees and diplomas. In addition to their qualifications, they go through rigorous training. We possess the most stringent and detailed training procedures in the nutrition industry.

3. Can I see their profile?

Yes, nutritionists’ profiles are displayed on the team page.

4. What level of experience does your nutritionist have?

Our nutritionists are experienced in different fields and medical conditions. Their ‘experience’ is gauged through the number of cases handled by them, as well as the results and changes observed in their clients

5. How are you different from other nutritionists not in QUA?

QUA nutrition is built on a skill set and a knowledge base that has constantly improved over the course of 12 years. From research to protocol to building of experiences with different clients- each nutritionist is very skilled and possesses experiential knowledge. Every dietitian or nutritionist in our company has the aptitude to become a supplement strategist, a quality controller and even a senior or a chief nutritionist.

6. Should I choose a nutritionist or dietician?

A dietician deals with medical cases while a nutritionist deals with lifestyle, fitness, and health issues.

7. Why do you have 3 levels of nutritionist? What does it mean?

The three levels of nutritionists will all create a diet plan of equal quality. The difference in those levels lies in their ability to council and motivate clients- something we consider to be more important than a diet chart. Counselling skills come with experience.

Within the plan –

1. Do you provide pills and foods also in the plan? Do you give ready to eat meals also like eat fit? Or only diet plan?

You are given diet plans and charts. No ready to eat meals or raw produce are highlighted in any of our plans.

2. How often you give a cheat meal?

A nutrition plan is given out based on your preferences and goals. Cheat meals can be incorporated in your plan, but it must be understood that such meals will not help you reach your goals.

3. Is exercise schedule also in the package which you give?

Exercise is encouraged and a standardized exercise schedule is provided. However, a customized exercise plan is not given out.

4. Can I take a onetime plan and follow and get all the results.

The human body changes over time and so do the nutritional and physical requirements. Thus, a onetime plan is effective for a short duration. Your nutrition plan should change with your body to ensure optimal performance.

5. If I am traveling, can you accommodate the changes in diet plan? I travel a lot for work. How can QUA help in diet for a travelling executive?

Yes, your plan will be altered if you travel. The changes will include your travelling hours as well as your destination

6. Why can’t I mix and match all nutritional advice by famous people and follow. Why do I need a nutrition plan?

Advice given by famous nutritionists is generic. A nutrition plan customized to your needs is far more effective than advice. If such advice truly worked, people would not seek nutrition plans.

7. How much time does the Nutritionist spend on our case?

Keeping the time a nutritionist spends with you aside, a large amount of time is also spent in analyzing, customizing, and researching to ensure the efficiency of a diet plan. A diet is also thoroughly inspected for both quality control and supplementation strategies. On an average, each plan takes 5 hours to make.

8. How much do we have to spend on groceries and supplements any rough idea?

The money you spend on groceries and supplements depends on your medical conditions, blood parameter and deficiencies.

9. Can they give me low-cost diet options?

Your budgetary constraints will be considered, and cost-effective options can be given to you by a nutritionist.

Blood Test:

1. Why is it mandatory to do blood test?

A nutrition plan can be made without blood tests. But, supplements cannot be given out without a blood test highlighting nutrient deficiencies. Your plan will not be as holistic as you may want it to be, since deficiencies will not addressed.

2. What all does it cover? What does it mean?

A blood test covers all the necessary parameters for a diet plan. All underlying deficiencies and relevant conditions will be highlighted here. If you have a specific medical condition, please do a test recommended by your doctor. Click the link below to see the list of blood tests required:

Click here

3. I have done one sometime back, will that work?

A blood test within a duration of 3 to 4 months from the creation of a plan will work. However, if a major event or a medical condition has occurred since then, please do the tests again.

4. Where can we take this Test? Tie ups?

Any diagnostic center or hospital can be approached for a test. Ideally, the blood test should be conducted by the same establishment that previously conducted your tests.

QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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