Amazing Properties Of Onion

The onion is a staple ingredient of a whole variety of dishes around the world. However it also offer health benefits that most people don’t know about. Its medicinal qualities have been recognized for centuries and it has been used for its healing powers by a number of cultures.

Onions as Part of Your Diet:

There are many reasons why onions should be used as part of your diet. There are a number of health benefits and are effective in:

  • Lowering your susceptibility to Colon Cancer
  • Lowering your susceptibility to Prostrate Cancer
  • Lowering your susceptibility to Stomach Cancer
  • Helping your sleep patterns and improving your mood
  • Providing strength and structure for your skin and hair

Onions can be added to various dishes hence, it is an effortless way to add it to your daily diet. Onions are rich in medicinal and healing properties and are used to fight various ailments.

Onions are rich in Quercetin- a compound which has both strong anti-bacterial properties and antitoxin properties. It is a powerful antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and a lowers cholesterol levels. The densest concentration of Quercetin is found in the outer rings nearest to the bulb’s skin as well as the part of the onion that is closest to the root. It is present in both red and white onions, and both are used as part as natural remedies.

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