Foods That Fight Fatigue

There are times when we feel a bit sleepy, and low on energy, which could lead to fatigue. Fatigue is when you’re constantly feeling weak and tired, either physically or mentally. Stress is one of the major leading causes of fatigue, whether it’s long hours at the office, or simply having too much on your mind.

Find out some foods below that help you fight fatigue:
1) Green Tea – Green tea contains many powerful antioxidant that can help reduce stress, tiredness, and even improve your memory. Green tea also acts as an appetite suppressor, which is ideal for people trying to lose weight.

2) Watermelon – Great energy booster to combat drowsiness, watermelons are high in electrolytes and aid in dehydration. They are also everybody€™s favourite summertime treat!

3) Spinach – Spinach helps increase your metabolism, since it’s loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, and iron. The high levels of iron found within the leafy green vegetable, helps the blood deliver oxygen quicker to the cells.

4) Bananas – Rich in potassium, bananas help in conversion of the digested sugar into energy. They are loaded with essential vitamins and omega fats. They aid in fatigue and help in staying awake for long hours. Dehydration a common cause of fatigue can be prevented by consuming bananas.

5) Yogurt – Yogurt contains the vitamin B12 and probiotics, which are used to kill bacteria, and improve digestion. Yogurts provide excellent sources of energy, which help keep you awake and fully focused all day. Avoid sugary or processed yogurts, and go for the Greek yogurt instead. Greek yogurts have been strained from whey, making them much healthier to consume.

6)  Walnuts– are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and very high in fiber as well. Walnuts are used to treat depression and increase mental focus. They can be added to salads, cereals, yogurts, or eaten naturally.

7) Red Bell Peppers – A cup of red bell peppers actually contains more vitamin C than an entire orange. Red bell peppers are packed with antioxidants and prevent the occurrence of fatigue. There are number of ways to eat them like baking, roasting, grilling or simply having them raw.

8)Pumpkin Seeds €“ Pumpkin seeds are the best alternatives for quick energy boosting snacks. Rich in omega-3 fats, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, and all the essential minerals, a handful of these seeds are what your body needs in order to stay energized.

A healthy diet combined with exercise, and a good night’s rest, can help fight the drowsiness, while boosting your overall energy levels. To prevent drowsiness sugary products caffeine intake should be avoided.

While the above article guides you to eating healthier, there is no substitute for customized professional advice given by a qualified nutritionist. We urge you to speak to your personal dietician or if you need help, contact a nutritionist at Qua Nutrition.

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