Healthy Reasons to Add Lentils to Your Diet

Lentils boast plenty of health benefits. They can be added to salads or spreads, for crackers and crudité. One of the best things about lentils is that they are perfect for vegetarians.

1. Good for your heart

Numerous studies have found that consuming high fiber foods like lentils lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and that is why you need lentils in your diet. Loaded with minerals like magnesium and folate, they play a major role in heart health. Lower magnesium levels have always been directly associated with cardiovascular disease and lentils are a good source of magnesium, so consuming lentils will help keep your heart healthy and happy.

2. Rich in protein

Of all the legumes, lentils have the third-highest levels of essential protein. Around 26% of lentil’s calories are from protein, and it makes them a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians.

3.Reduce cholesterol

Lentils contain soluble fiber that lower blood cholesterol and further decreases your risk of stroke as well as cardiovascular disease by keeping the arteries clean.

4. Aid in weight loss

Lentils make a great food options for dieters. Even though lentils are high in all the essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins, they’re low in calories and they have no fat. A cup of cooked lentils has around 230 calories, however, give a feeling of fullness.

 5. Stabilize blood sugar levels

Lentils help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Lentils contain soluble fiber that traps carbs, slowing down your digestion and absorption process, and stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Eating lentils can be especially beneficial for people suffering from hypoglycemia, diabetes or insulin resistance.

6. Improve digestive health

Lentils aid in digestion as the insoluble dietary fiber in lentils prevents constipation and some other digestive problems such as diverticulosis and irritable bowel syndrome.

7. Energy booster

Lentils are rich in iron that carries oxygen to every part of the body and is important for your metabolism and energy production. Also the carbs and the fiber in them will keep you enegized for day to day activities.

Nutty in flavor, lentils contain a high nutritional value that you can easily benefit from by adding them to your diet.


While the above article guides you to eating healthier, there is no substitute for customized professional advice given by a qualified nutritionist. We urge you to speak to your personal dietician or if you need help, contact a nutritionist at Qua Nutrition.

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