How to get rid of acidity?!

Now a days the number of diseases that we suffer are mostly lifestyle related. Improper diet, No to very little exercise, sedentary habits etc. has led us to acquire these disease. One such is acidity.

Acidity is characterized by irritation in chest. Headache and chest pain after the meals, regurgitation. Regular bouts of bloating and burping is felt due to indigestion of meals which may also cause throat irritation.


1: Eat jaggery after every meal. One must keep it in the mouth for long and chew it properly.

2: Boil some fennel seeds in a cup full of water. Keep it covered overnight and filter the solution in the morning. Mix and teaspoon of honey in it and take a little of this concoction after every meal.

3: In a glass of warm water take a pinch of pepper powder, and juice one lemon every morning. Include radish in your salad. Sprinkling black salt over your salad will be an added advantage.

4: Powder a clove and cinnamon, and take it after every meal as a mouth freshener and as a remedy for acidity.

5: Bananas Are high in potassium which is an alkalizing mineral that has a high pH value. The higher the pH value, the lower the acidity.

6: Tulsi Has compounds that make it an effective digestive agent. It stimulates the stomach to produce more mucous and has potent anti-ulcer properties. It prevents acidity by lowering the effect of peptic acids in the stomach. They also reduce gas formation. Eat five to six basil leaves after your meal to get instant relief.

7: Cold milk Milk has a high amount of calcium that helps it prevent acid build up and absorbs the excess acid. Also the cold temperature of the milk provides instant relief from the burning sensation one feels during acid reflux.

8: Amla rich source of Vitamin C, amla helps in healing the injured stomach lining and oesophagus. The best way to avoid acidity is to have a teaspoon of amla powder everyday with water.


Food Don’ts

Spices are known to aggravate the acid production in the stomach. The tangy, spicy flavors in the food irritate the stomach lining leading more acid production and in turn causes incidence of acid reflux or acidity

Oily or fatty foods are usually caloric dense foods that lower the pressure on one’s LES (making it flaccid), and delay the movement of food from the stomach or stomach-emptying leading to acid reflux and acidity.

Certain foods contain enzymes or inhibitors that may cause an allergic reactions in some people. While the allergens might be different for different people, they can surely cause irritation in the stomach triggering a bout of acidity.

Just like oily foods, Alcohol tends to relax LES delaying in the stomach emptying while promoting the acidity. Also, the ethanol in the alcohol increases acidic contents in the stomach.

Meat contains animal protein and high amounts of fat which is comparably difficult to digest than the plant protein, leading to higher acid production. Also it stays in the stomach for a longer time and increases the load on the gut.

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and kiwi are acidic in nature and may not be well received by people suffering with acidity. Still love eating such fruits. It is better to have them after a meal and not on empty stomach as it can trigger irritation and acidity.

Caffeinated beverages like Coffee and tea are acidic in nature and irritate the stomach lining. Also they cause relaxation of the LES leading to triggering of acidity. Green tea is not as detrimental to the stomach and can may help in controling the symptoms of acidity.

Apart from elevating conditions like obesity, Aerated drinks are one of the leading causes for acidity. The tiny bubbles you feel in the stomach and the constant burping after having such drinks are the evidence of acid building in the stomach.

Food Dos

Cold Milk soothes the irritated esophagus lining and burning throat as the alkaline nature of the milk neutralizes excessive acid in the stomach.

Best way to beat acidity is to eat fruit rich in vitamins and mineral. Banana, pears, apples and other non- acidic fruits can be given to curb acidity and maintain healthy gut lining. Bananas are loaded with potassium that help rebuild the damaged portions of the stomach wall and protect the stomach from acid attacks.

Honey is a great food to curb acidity. Loaded with micro-nutrients and vitamins like vitamin A and C, and antibacterial in nature it also soothes an irritated stomach and protects the stomach lining.

Easily digestible and assimilated by the stomach, boiled vegetables can be consumed by any one suffering with acidity. Not only do they require less stomach acid to be digested, but they are also quickly and easily cleared from the stomach and sent to the rest of the intestine. This helps reduce the stomach load and bring down the possibility of suffering from acidity.

Water is a very simple yet the most essential nutrient required by the body to perform various biological functions including the digestion. It dilutes stomach acids and promotes the digestion of all the adamant bolus in the body. It cools the burning sensation in the throat and stomach during a bout of acidity.


  1. Take your meals on time and take long walk after meals.
  2. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, soup, boiled vegetables and sprouts in your meals as these are rich in vitamins B and E which will cleanse the body of acidity.
  3. Always chew the food properly and eat less than required. Avoid taking oily and spicy meals.
  4. Include curd and butter milk in your daily diet.
  5. Avoid alcohol and non vegetarian food as much as possible.