Is Beef Nutritious?

Is Beef Healthy ?

One of the most nutritious foods, beef has appetite-sating high-quality protein, which has all the essential amino acids needed to build muscle and bone. Beef is a great source of B vitamins (vital for brain function), and the most absorbable form of iron (called haem iron), which builds red blood cells and gives you energy. Its rich store of zinc supports the immune system. Beef contains both saturated and monounsaturated fat (thought to be protective against heart disease). Beef from grass-fed cattle is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid, which some studies show reduces the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and some immune system disorders.

Here are few reasons to include meat in your diet:

  • Beef provides nutrients like zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins, and half of the fat found in beef is monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy fats found in olive oil.
  • Beef is an easy addition to a well-balanced meal. Simply fire up the grill or turn on the slow cooker, and you’ve got a healthy, simple meal that stars meat.
  • Cattle graze on land that is too steep, hilly or rocky for farming. Cattle aerate the soil and eat brush, which is good for wildfire management.
  • Calorie-for-calorie, beef is more nutrient dense than vegetarian protein options like peanut butter, tofu or bean.

    In case you are still not convinced below are the alternatives to give same amount of protein in your diet.  

Food Items Qty Total Protein Qty Total Protein Qty Total Protein
Beef 1kg 293.3 gms 100 gms 29.33 gms 30 gms 9.8 gms
chicken 1.17 kg 293.3 gms 117gms 29.33 gms 39 gms 9.8 gms
Egg 47 no’s 293.3 gms 5 no. 29.33 gms 2 no. 9.8 gms
fish 1.33 kg 293.3 gms 133gms 29.33 gms 44.3 gms 9.8 gms
milk/yoghurt 9litres 293.3 gms 0.9 litres 29.33 gms 0.3 litres 9.8 gms
Paneer 1.6 kg 293.3 gms 160 gms 29.33 gms 53.3 gms 9.8 gms
broccoli 9.8 kg 293.3 gms 980 gms 29.33 gms 326.6 gms 9.8 gms
spinach 10.1 kg 293.3 gms 1 kg 29.33 gms 333 gms 9.8 gms
Tuar dal 1.3 kg 293.3 gms 130 gms 29.33 gms 43.3 gms 9.8 gms
Moong Dal 1.2 kg 293.3 gms 120 gms 29.33 gms 40 gms 9.8 gms
Besan 1.3 kg 293.3 gms 130 gms 29.33 gms 43.3 gms 9.8 gms
Almonds 9 cups 293.3 gms 1 cup 29.33 gms 0.3 cups 9.8 gms
Peanuts 8 cups 293.3 gms 1 cup 29.33 gms 0.3 cups 9.8 gms
cashews 14 cups 293.3 gms 1.5 cups 29.33 gms 0.5 cups 9.8 gms


While the above article guides you to eating healthier, there is no substitute for customized professional advice given by a qualified nutritionist. We urge you to speak to your personal dietician or if you need help, contact a nutritionist at Qua Nutrition.

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