Spices That Help To Lower Blood Pressure

Taking care of our health can be a task at times. If you€™re suffering from high blood pressure, then regular consumption of certain spices can lower your blood pressure without side effects. You can add these spices to your daily meals to enjoy their fantastic properties.

Garlic: Known for stabilizing high blood pressure, Garlic is a popular ingredient in many dishes. It naturally declines blood pressure and is also heart friendly.

Saffron: A rare and expensive spice, saffron makes an excellent spice for lowering blood pressure. Studies have found that regular consumption of saffron helps normalize blood pressure significantly.

Ginger: Another stabilizer of high blood pressure, ginger is a popular ingredient in many dishes around the world. It is added in the cooked meal or as an infusion and consumed in the diet.

Turmeric: Packed with anti- inflammatory properties, this yellow spice is known to be very effective at lowering cholesterol levels, and dissolves the blood clots. It is also an very powerful spice in normalizing blood pressure, particularly in people with autoimmune diseases.

Olive Leaves: Both fresh and dried forms of the olive leaves can be used as an infusion or as an essential oil to strengthen the heart health and bolster the blood vessels . The active ingredient in the leaves is an enolic acid called oleuropein which is heart friendly. Also, the olive leaves contain flavonoids, keeping the biological clock working regularly by expanding your blood vessels.


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