The Health Benefits of Tea

Being a tea lover, I love experimenting with my tea in different ways and try one of the many delicious types. Not only does tea taste good, it’s good for your health as well.

Tea expert shares that true tea is made from the leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis tea bush. Depending on how the tea is produced, it falls into one of these six classifications: green, white, yellow, black, oolong, and Hei Cha (dark black).There are dozens of teas within those classes, depending on where they’re grown.

Not all tea beverages are made with tea. €œHerbal teas are from the roots, stems, flowers, seeds or fruit of any other plants, and are more herbal infusions,€. Instant powdered tea and ready-to-drink bottled flavored teas aren’t true teas, either.

While these beverages might be pleasing to the palate, they don’t offer the health benefits of tea. Teas promote health through their flavonoids and other compounds. Each of the six tea classes have different types and amounts of flavonoids but are all healthful choices.

There’s promising research of tea’s healthful effect on bones, teeth, blood sugar control, mood, aging and overall health, but the strongest evidence is for heart health. Black and green teas (loose or prepackaged tea bags) have been linked to lowering total and bad LDL cholesterol, and reducing blood pressure.

How much is enough to make a difference? Studies show as little as three cups daily might yield some health benefits, but eight cups can interfere with iron absorption. €œA bad diet with tea is still a bad diet, so tea is not a magic bullet, It’s still important  to make healthful food choices.

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