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If you are looking to learn, grow, earn, get the best exposure and experience you are applying at the right organization. QUA gives you the platform to do all of it.

We strictly believe in freedom with responsibility. You are your own boss to command your career growth and earning.

Every staff working at QUA has a PURPOSE and thereby the drive to help change the way people eat globally. We are a team of LIKE MINDED people whose only goal is to give the BEST DELIVERABLES to all our clients. Client service is our motto.M

We welcome ANYONE to join our dynamic and enthusiastic team. You can be a fresher or someone looking to restart your career, coming from a long break,physically challenged or transgender, if your goals are like minded to the company vision, please apply for the vacant position as announced.

Work life balance is strictly followed by all staff, we support each other to do well 360 degrees in each of our lives.

QUA Nutrition is a hybrid organization with a flexible foundation. Employees can work at one of our offices, remotely or a combination of the two.

From supervisors to interns, everyone shares ideas, knowledge, and information. Being fully transparent allows us to take the ownership and stay focused on our clients’ needs.


WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Here’s what you can expect:

  • A fast-paced technical environment
  • A team of mixed age groups & seasoned professional
  • Continuous growth & learning
  • Open feedback culture
  • Room for own initiative and ideas
  • Transparency about results & strategy
  • Supportive and approachable management centers
  • Team spirit and commitment
  • Recognition & reward for hard work


Hiring Process –

We follow these processes to the exact to confirm that there is no bias in the system from any source.

  1. Apply for a job by filling the application
  2. 1st round written test as per company norms
  3. In person/Video interview with the respective HR / Training head
  4. In person/Video interview with CEO
  5. Performance Evaluation
  6. Result of being selected  or otherwise.

Training for 45 days as per dates suggested by the company on the following topics –

  1. Nutrition
  2. Clinical specific cases
  3. Decision tree analysis
  4. Business development
  5. Software nutrition planning
  6. Managing clients
  7. And many others

Mentorship program

Learn from the best professional in the team to become one.


It’s been 3 years since I have been associated with QUA Nutrition and it’s my very first job and I am grateful to QUA for giving me this opportunity to prove my abilities in serving the community. I am extremely proud of being a part of the QUA family and I think I have made the BEST decision in my life to work with them. The experience that QUA has given me, truly has been enriching at both personal and professional front. There is the same level of excitement, enthusiasm and zeal to do things better and bigger right from day 1 and until now. There have been innumerable challenges that I have faced with regards to client handling and my subject matter and each one of them turned out to be a tremendous opportunity and a learning to grow myself in the field of Nutrition. I have worked and been working with some of the best dietitians who have inspired me to think beyond the obvious, push boundaries, look for newer and better ways of doing things, learning, evolving and taking any opportunity or roles fearlessly. There is a sense of pride and confidence in being associated with a brand which recognizes “the capacity of an individual” with regards to their nutritional needs and caters to them accordingly. Looking back, when I recall the opportunities that I have been given, the various roles that I have managed and been managing and the constant encouragement that I have received to think big, think beyond and grab the opportunity, I feel truly elated. I was delighted on my 1st day at QUA Nutrition and without a doubt I am extremely delighted and proud today to be a part of the “BEST NUTRITION CLINIC IN INDIA”.NIHATH TAZEEN

The excitement of moving out of my comfort zone and starting a career has always been my motivation to do better and chase excellence. I was overwhelmed when I got posted in Qua Nutrition via the college placement cell. The best part about Qua is the transparency in all internal and external matters. Here at Qua, each day is an opportunity to learn new things and implement the knowledge in practice. Since the COVID 19 pandemic, the unity in the company has flared up to the next level. Qua nutrition has given me various platforms to bloom by showcasing my skills and also opened paths to perform to the best of my abilities and I’m greatly delighted to have been a part of this organization. The roller coaster ride of ups and downs comes everyone’s way but Qua gives me the strength to overcome the odds and keep learning. It is a joyous moment for all at Qua Nutrition to have completed 10 years in providing health, fitness and wellness as well as for spreading positive vibes all over. I feel blessed to wake up every morning because I have a purpose and that is Qua.SMEETAL PEREIRA

When I started with Qua, I was prepared to bring out the good skills and the knowledge I have as a Dietitian. My experience at QUA has been very educative, exciting and inspiring. The variety of my work made me learn a lot about myself, what my strong points are and what points needed improvement.
My role in QUA has developed my skills in many areas including Nutrition case-solving, prioritizing my work under pressure and producing successful Nutrition results- engaging with the clients and ensuring that they want to come back for more!
Amazing Boss & colleagues, great coaching, a high level of independence, opportunities for self-development, and the variety of each role make it great to work here! I’m really grateful I got the opportunity to work with and be part of such a dedicated and committed team.TAFFYLENE DHKAN

As said ‘The team of best dieticians’ is what is working with QUA is all about. The motive of me joining QUA was not just to serve people, but also to grow as an individual which is what I have been exposed to. Apart from acquiring technical skills, I have learnt client communication, empathy, deep thinking and keeping a bird’s eye view when working on critical cases. QUA gives me an opportunity to learn every day, which has improved my versatility and given me new areas to touch on, especially sports nutrition.
QUA has been a combination of excellent mentors, supportive co-workers who help you with constant feedback’s and motivate you to be your best version. The best part is that we work towards a common goal – SERVICE BEFORE SELF ????
I am glad to be a part of the organisation.PRAPTI RUIA

A decade of working at QUA Nutrition and my learning only grows with each passing day. When I received my 1st paycheck, Ryan mentioned “Enjoy what you do and you will not ‘work’ a day in your life” and this has truly been the essence of my journey here. Starting off as a 3 member team in a small clinic, subsequently moving to bigger teams and bigger spaces along with more grander opportunities and learnings have left me enriched with experiences that I cannot compare.
The reason I chose to be a nutritionist was due to my passion for the subject and servicing clients – at QUA Nutrition I was able to practice that and so much more as a nutritionist. The profiles of lifestyle clients has pushed me to read more; the trust of budding athletes has made me understand and experience sports to depths I was not aware; the medical clients have made me go back to my books, dig deeper and understand biochemistry much more – and all this has been more interesting and exciting with the multiple minds that come together at work here. At the end of all the effort and time, being entrusted with the nutrition planning of celebrities like Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Abhishek Bachchan and so many others seems absolutely rewarding.SUHASINI VISWANATHAN

QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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