“A major realization, after years of gymming, sports, and other physical activities, to me was that losing weight, fat or maintaining weight is not just about the exercise you do. 80% of the change is purely made by how you feed your body, or in other words, what you eat during the time away from the gym/workout. My weight was perfectly normal and I would appear normal to every other person, but tests showed otherwise. Like an average Indian, my fat percentage was way higher than what it should be. Additionally, I had also imposed a challenge on myself – I am to run a Half Marathon by 31st of this month (May 31). It was no joke to me – I hadn’t run more than 10k ever. I got to know about Ryan and Qua through a friend. Ryan was very helpful and connected me to their clinic in Chennai. Suhasini, from their Chennai clinic, has been helping me out since then and in a month’s time – with exercise and the charts provided by them, my body fat dropped by 2%! She also helps me out with any queries I have, found me the right supplements for my runs and handles all queries super quickly. I would definitely recommend them to friends, family, anybody looking for a visible change for their problems (like BP, Sugar, stress, acne, etc). After all, we are what we eat ;)”