“Hi Ryan, Hope you remember me. I wrote to you in July earlier this year, sharing with you, my 1st ever podium finish in a 10k run. Now, I am super pleased to tell you that I won another podium finish but this time in a 21k at the Goa River Marathon on 11th Dec. You know, when I ran the 10k in July, I had run so fast that I could not even dream of running a kilometer more at that speed. And now when I did the 21k fairly close to that pace, my respect for Qua has gone up multifold! I have been improving in every race of mine. Here are the details. 21k in June (Aarey Mumbai Marathon) – 2.24 21k in Oct (Pune Marathon) – 2.09 21k in Dec (Goa river marathon) – 2.01 Namrata has as usual taken utmost care to give me only the best. At times, she has put her foot down and not allowed me to compromise on my nutrition chart. For eg: I detest the beetroot juice every evening. But she has been outright stubborn about it and now I know why:). The results have been amazing! My next target is to break the 2-hour barrier and I continue to train hard for it. My biggest learning now is: Never argue with your nutritionist if you want the best results. Some things have to be eaten just like medicine. And the effort is totally worth it. I am no longer apologetic about carrying my nutrition goodie bag even when I am visiting friends and family. So thank you once again Qua for getting me fitter at 45! Raring to go like never before!