I found out I had hypothyroidism back in 2014 when I was preparing for my CA Final exams. I used to be stressed, there were unexplained weight gain and a lot of unexplained problems with my health. I actually started working out to reduce weight and stay fit, but, no matter how hard I tried, it was difficult losing weight and I had started developing memory problems. I got my vitamin tests done and blamed the deficiencies for being the root cause of all my health issues. This continued on for a while until I was told that QUA Nutrition provided the finest guidance related to health and nutrition and I was introduced to Shreya at QUA Nutrition. I spoke to her on the phone and we discussed everything like two old friends. It was only when I spoke to Shreya I realized how important a healthy diet was in order to lose weight as well as maintain it. We found out a lot about other underlying issues after we did my blood tests. I was surprised to learn how little things go a long way in affecting our health and well-being. I used to be a nonbeliever once upon a time, that diet plays a crucial role in weight loss, thanks to QUA, they helped me correct it. Initially, it was a little difficult to change my overall eating habits, I found out how irregular my eating habits were and I learned that I needed to eat more in order to be energetic throughout the day. I was surprised to know the amount of food required by my body. With tons of moral support from QUA and their team, especially Shreya, I managed to stick to my plan and continued to follow my schedule and exercises. There were times when I was unable to stick with the day’s meals, Shreya helped me with that, she told me how to alternate between meals and how to manage to get the required calories for the day. With all the follow-up calls and agility in response from QUA Nutritions’ team I could complete my nutrition program with excellent results., and I continue to follow the charts. I am glad I was and am associated with QUA Nutrition. Looking forward to finding out and learning more about health and nutrition – for in a healthy body resides a healthy mind.