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Weight Loss Packages

Gaining weight is a problem that most of us encounter at some point in our life. And most of the time, we want to look better, fitter and smarter, and we know that weight loss is the solution. However, as much as we want weight loss, there is a right way to do it. A way that ticks all the boxes of giving you what you want without compromising health, making you look better, without extraordinary sacrifice and longtime fix.

There are many solutions, but unfortunately, most of them centre on getting the weight down. Calorie deficit, crash diet, fad diet, starvation, etc., are the quick-fix solution to lose a few kgs in a few days /weeks. What happens post the same? Can we continue with the same diet? Will the weight come back? What happens to our bodies? This is the reason why random diets and general advice and self-help do not work as it is meant to just intrigue you and not give results because they cannot and haven’t been designed for You!

The solution is to find a nutritionist, who will help you make that diet for you that will work for you, and stick and gives you long-standing results.  Their expertise helps you gain a better understanding of how food fuels your body, why did you gain weight in the first place, how to achieve balance in your eating habits, and provide accountability to keep you on track.

It is not about eating less but eating right and in the correct nutritional quantity that will help you shed pounds, keep it off and look better. Losing weight with hair, skin and health in the bargain is a steep cost to pay.

Follow and work with a nutritionist who is not focused one-dimensionally on giving you only the weight loss results that you want but also fat loss, inch loss, gain in muscle percentage, better skin, better hair, better health markers, vitality and energy, increased immunity and also working on any medical conditions with it. This happens when the nutritionist takes the pain of understanding all of these factors and building them into the plan, and not only monitors your weight but other elements in equal priority. Look to invest in a detailed blood test, a genetic test (if you have had failures in your weight loss journey earlier) and investigating other medical conditions. This helps you and your nutritionist to get to the results faster and, most importantly, keep at it.

It is not about following a diet; it is about following a regime and program that you make for yourself. The biggest mistake with a dieter’s advice is to go on an extreme diet with no understanding of habits, lifestyle and body needs. Unnatural and sudden change in lifestyle means that the regularity and commitment to follow vary, and the body does support it. The result is a demotivated person who follows the diet too hard and wants to just get over it. Bouncing weight gain and weight loss is damaging to your body, and over a period of time, the body is unwilling to respond to a diet.

You need to approach dieting with a flexible mindset, allowing yourself to have your natural food, here and there, that goes along with the program through a guided, balanced approach of a nutritionist who is able to walk with you on the journey.

Getting rid of weight and doing so in a healthy manner are very different processes. In order to maintain good health and lose weight, it is important to learn how to avoid nutritional deficiencies and eat healthy.

So, looking for X kgs of weight loss in Y days is not a good ask; target results in a phased manner, visualize how you wish to look and be, and that may not be achieved by just random weight loss over a period, but a scientific approach that makes the journey enjoyable, doable and sustainable and achievable at the same time.   Target and work on all the aspects together; this happens when you work with a knowledgeable nutritionist who is able to work with you on all the aspects rather than one. Weight loss is more of a misnomer; target a better YOU.

The weight loss journey for men and women of different ages is different, and working on the same plan as someone else success story will not give the results. There are many reasons for the same, and most it to do with who we are and things that we cannot change:

  1. Metabolism: Men naturally have higher muscle mass and lower body fat percentage than women, which means they can burn calories faster and have a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR). This can make it easier for men to lose weight than women if all other elements are kept the same.
  2. Hormones: The hormonal differences between men and women affect weight loss. Testosterone in men helps build muscle mass, which in turn can increase metabolism and burn more calories. Women have very low testosterone levels but have estrogen and progesterone, which affect water retention and fat storage.
  3. Body composition: Men and women naturally store fat in different areas of their bodies. Men tend to store fat in their abdominal area, while women store fat in their hips, thighs, and buttocks. This affects how they look and how they perceive themselves in the weight loss journey.
  4. Eating habits: Men and women have different eating habits and preferences, governed by metabolic rate and the hormonal cycle, which can affect weight loss. Men may consume more protein and fewer carbohydrates than women, which can help with weight loss.
  5. Exercise habits: Men and women may have different exercise habits and preferences due to environmental conditioning and exposure. Men are more likely to engage in high-intensity exercise, while women prefer low-impact exercises like yoga or Pilates. This determines how and at what intensity a person loses weight.
  6. Height and body structure: Women are normally shorter than men, and hence the amount of weight that is appropriate in a body structure is more visual in nature. Men, overall, are able to carry more weight at the same height as compared to a woman.

Overall we all differ in the above quarters, and hence, getting inspired by another’s weight loss journey is great, but coping with it may not give any results.

We need to account for our individual genetic parameters as well. If you have sluggish weight loss and no amount of effort brings sustainable results, then the nutrition plan has not deep-dived for you to unravel the real reasons. Some of us gain and lose weight quickly, and some slowly. Both have an advantage and disadvantages, and the genetic test markers and results can help us fix this problem in the long run.

These days the lack of physical activity and many other environmentally related circumstances have seen an increase in childhood obesity. In terms of physical manner, the child may outgrow the weight with increased height, but it leaves behind the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances and other medical-related conditions linked to being overweight. Besides the medical implication of excess weight, it also has a huge emotional, psychological, and behavioral effect on the child as well as related to body image.

The best is to find a long-term solution and work with a specialized Child and Pediatric Nutritionist at Qua Nutrition, who can help understand the relevant changes that you need to make to get your child in the frame of correct health and weight.

QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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