Dangerous Amount of Sugar in Frooti

Dangerous Amount of Sugar in Frooti: The amount of sugar in Frooti comes to 6.7 teaspoons of sugar i.e 33.7 g of sugar per 250 ml. Consumer should be aware of what and how much ingredients are present in a product.

The product label gives nutritional value for only 100 ml.

This can cause the consumer to think that the amount of sugar is less. Hence an effort from consumer side should be made to check for the amount.134.8 calories out of 162.5 calories comes only from the sugar. Its high time that people start taking an informed choice and take care of their health. The amount of energy required to burn of the calories present in frooti by walking required by female and males is 46 minutes and 36 minutes respectively. So you can understand the damage that can be done by such a small amount.

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