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At QUA Nutrition, we take pleasure in our longstanding reputation for offering top-notch services that include a team of sports nutritionists, family nutritionists, weight management, infant nutritionist, genetic and nutritional nutrition, and medical nutrition therapy. These services have won the respect and confidence of illustrious figures from a wide range of professions. Since the beginning, we have continually shown our dedication to quality, solidifying our position as the leading name in nutrition counseling. Our success is a result of our commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of our clients, as well as the solid partnerships we have forged with professionals in various fields. These experts work with us because they understand the value we add to their clients’s overall experience and wellness. Their backing is evidence of the outstanding quality and steadfast dependability that QUA Nutrition continuously provides. Join us on this journey towards a healthier and happier you with QUA Nutrition.
1 Aashish Contractor

Dr. Aashish Contractor

Dr. Aashish Contractor – Director at the Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, in the Centre for Rehabilitation Medicine and Sports Medicine.

5 Himanshu Deshmukh

Mr. Himanshu Deshmukh

Himanshu Deshmukh-  Certified Life Coach, Sports Psychologist and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer

4 Dr Srikant

Dr. Srikanth Narayanaswamy

Dr Srikant Narayanswamy-  Consultant musculoskeletal radiologist and sports medicine physician with Indian Cricket Team and Indian Premier League Clubs.
2 Shree Advani

Mr. Shree Advani

Dr Shree Advani- PhD in Sport and Performance Psychology, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner.

Mr. Ashish Kaushik

Ashish Kaushik– Former  Head Physiotherapist, Indian Cricket Team and National Cricket Academy. Founder at YOS Sports Health.

QUA Nutrition, we realize that each person is different, with varied health and sports_nutrition needs. Our motto ‘Eat to your capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.

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